Sunday, February 6, 2011

RR - "Family Guy and Freud"

  • Why does Antonia Peacocke feel that we should be thinking about Freud while watching television?
  • What sparked the connection between Family Guy and Freud in Peacocke's mind?
  • Why would a television show purposefully try to offend people?
  • Peacocke says, "I must admit, I can see how parts of the show might seem offensive if taken at face value." - At what 'value' is the everyday television viewer supposed to be taking in material?
  • According to Peacocke, "those who pay more attention and think about the creators' intentions can see that Family Guy intelligently satirizes some aspects of American culture."
     While I find the article interesting, I feel the title to be misleading. Before reading the article I was expecting a deeper analysis of the connection between Family Guy and Freud and yet the only mention of Freud after the first paragraphs (of which only two sentences referenced Freud) came in the very last paragraph and was only one sentence. 

     Despite my frustration with the 'misleading' title, I found the article to be interesting. More importantly, as I am working on my own research paper, I found Peacocke's incorporation of sources noteworthy. I often have a hard time incorporating sources into my paper and this is a good article to reference (in my opinion) in regards to source incorporation. Peacocke uses a variety of sources to both support and disprove, only to refute, what she has to say about Family Guy. The plethora of examples made her opinion/ideas clear and fitting. I can see myself returning to this article in the later stages of my paper to refresh Peacocke's 'incorporation' skills. 

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    1. I'm glad to see you took something from it; I agree that the title is somewhat misleading. It seems as though she tagged it on at the end, without really thinking about the implications of the title. (Perhaps she just liked the alliteration?) Either way, the article was entertaining and it's good to see that you took something from it; I agree that she incorporates her quotes and sources quite well in this piece.